Pretty in London: Victoria

Not long ago I mentioned I would take advantage of my free time this summer and explore some of London’s sweet spots. So, after church Mike and I decided to take a stroll down the luxurious streets that surround London Victoria. On our travels we bumped into some stunning little gems that we just had to share with you all.

Here are a few snaps from our eventful day.

Enjoy! x

Peggy Porschen – not only are their treat’s divine but their decor is like something out of a fairytale, very girly and super whimsical – it is well worth a visit!!

Boisdale – I’m not normally a huge fan of red but this restaurant popped out at me. Loved the contrast of red amongst the soft white buildings.

There are so many hidden boutiques across the city. Great for the fashion lover.

Just taking in the beauty of the streets <3 London.

The arcitecture never gets old.

I can’t get over how beautiful this city is. Centurys old and still making a name for itself.

Another beautiful doorway. Surely a picture moment 😉

Me again 🙂

Haven’t seen this beauty in a month, I think a little PDA won’t hurt nobody 😉

Is his smile contagious or what!?. x

Keep posted as we explore more pretty places around London this summer.

We would love to hear any recommendations if you are living in London or know any interesting places.

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Birthday Things

To me birthdays are one the most special events of a persons life, it’s a great time to remember who you are in Christ. You are unique you are fearfully and wonderfully made – how amazing is that!! I don’t know about you but that thought alone puts me in awe. We are so precious to the Lord that He decided to create us in His very own image. I would like to invite you to just sit and ponder that for a moment. What does this mean to you? What is He saying about you?

Here are a few shots from my recent birthday. Enjoy x

My wonderful man surprised me with some of my favourite flowers wrapped up in a beautiful bundle.

So in love with this bouquet I had to take another picture so you can see gorgeousness of the flowers! 🙂

Who doesn’t love a bit of birthday cake.

Happy girl 🙂


What Does Faith In Jesus Mean?

This Sunday was another mind blowing service at Harvest Bible Chapel in Oakville Ontario. We had the privilege of hearing Pastor Karl Whittingstall who is our Pastor for Youth Ministries.

His message was about faith in Jesus and what it means. So what does Faith in Jesus mean?

He raised three key points during his message which really stuck with me:

  1. Faith in Jesus means I die to self.
  2. Faith in Jesus means I live what I believe
  3. Faith in Jesus means I let God’s love fuel me

Ill give you a quick break down of these points as I believe they are too important to keep to myself.

1. Faith in Jesus means I die to myself:

  • When we are born we are born into a fallen sinful world and when we make the decision to follow Christ the bible says we are reborn into a new creation. This death and rebirth isn’t physical but spiritual. The issue we have is though our spirits have been given life we carry our soul and physical body which have the desires of the world and flesh, so in order to be like Christ we must crucify the desires of the flesh and conform into the new creation and nature God has given to us.

How do we do this?

  • This is impossible to do on our own. We need the help of the precious Holy Spirit who takes residence within us after we are reborn, cooperating with him and renewing the mind and mind-sets (Romans 12:2). In this we go through a process of sanctification (Hebrews 10:14). God instructs us to put off our old selves which is corrupted by evil desires and to put on the new self (Christ) (Ephesians 4:22-24)

Two points Pastor Karl presented that can help us accomplish this

  • Repent: We need to acknowledge whats going on and turn from it making the decision to not go back.
  • Have a ‘kill sin’ plan: We need to actively attack our sin. We can use fight verses from the bible and pray and meditate on them.

2. Faith in Jesus means I live what I believe

Are we intentional and continuous about how we live? The problem we have is that we live for ourselves, our pleasures, our will, our wants. We must live sacrificial lives as this will change our relationship with others and God. Its starts in the heart then goes to the head then flows into your life – its about transformation and change.

Pastor Karl posed this question and I would like to pose it to you; what are you doing to change the way your heart informs your head?

If we are going to believe Gods word is true we must live like it.

3. Faith in Jesus means I let God’s love fuel me

The kindness on the cross should cause us to respond in immediacy and to the glory of God.

One quote he read that blew my mind is  by John Stott “No Christian who has grasped the truth could ever seriously contemplate reverting to the old life”.

The truth in this quote is so real. If we understand the magnitude of the price Jesus paid on the cross and the weight of our sins we would never consider turning back to our old ways. The work Christ Jesus did on the cross can never be repaid it is greater than anything and everyone.

How do we do this better?

  • We must see the love of God and understand the immensity of our sins then we will begin to understand the work on the cross.
  • Let Gods loves which was an expression of what he did fuel your life.

What a message this is. Pastor Karl opened my eyes and understanding to another level. Gods love is the greatest gift to humanity  (John 3:16), to send His only beloved son to die for a world who rejected Him is beyond understanding but I am eternally grateful and give my life as an act of thanksgiving and worship.

I’m so happy I got to share this with you all and hope it blesses someone out there.

Stay blessed x



End of Season SALE! Bootie Alert!

Today I saw these little beauties during what can only be described as a classic momma daughter shopping spree and I just had to share with you all!! Lets face it ladies – its one of my favourite things to do when visiting home – not only do I get some quality time with my momma but we also both get to enjoy a bit of retail therapy.

You know that moment when you decide to go look for a ‘Mother of the Bride’ dress at David Bridal and unexpectedly end up in Toronto Premium outlets…well thats exactly what happened. I know what you’re thinking…’but how!?’ – all I can say is I’m just as shocked as you!! Toronto Premium Outlets is perfect if you’re looking for a day of shopping, great food and fun.

It was during our little venture that we ended up in Nine West – they are currently having the most amazing end of season sale, up to 75% off most items. I gravitated towards these cute camel coloured booties and I’m in absolute love with them – not only that but my momma loved them just as much and bought the exact same pair, what can I say, great minds think alike – like mother like daughter ;)!!

These little beauties were originally 195 dollars and came down to 19 dollars – what an absolute steal. Not only are they gorgeous but they are also unbelievably comfortable – basically a win win.

Can’t wait to wear them this Fall.

Here are just a few photos of my fabulous Nine West booties (they also come in a gorgeous royal blue colour):

Be Bold – An Art Exhibition by Steve Kalinda

Steve Kalinda is a game changer and this is one exhibition you don’t want to miss. This man has to be one of the most humble yet talented men of God that I know. I recently had the privilege of attending his first ever art exhibition at the Quaker Street Bubble tea cafe in Shoreditch entitled ‘Be Bold’ – and it was nothing short of amazing.

Before we get into it, as with any artist, in order to truly understand their work you have to understand their influences, their motivation. I caught up with Steve to talk about his inspiration and the first thing he said to me was ‘From God’. How amazing is that!? Through prayer the words ‘Be Bold’ were and are still resonating in his mind – his work aims to inspire and I believe it does just that. In terms of artistic influences his primary influence is Jesus with secondary influences being fashion and ballet photography as well as the works of the famous Jean Michel Basquiat and his focus on neo-expressionism.

‘Be Bold’, two small words that seem to resonate so powerfully and hold so much weight behind them. For me Steve embodies the essence of what it is to ‘Be Bold’ in his works of art from the striking colours through to the strong, thoughtful, even joyful images that can be seen throughout the exhibition. Each figure portrayed wears a crown and Steve himself says that his ‘goal is to inspire everyone to be bold, in the little and the massive goals. To know that when they do that, they are kings and queens. To influence young people to be bold and pursue their dreams.’

If his aim as an artist was to make us feel bold and uplifted, I truly believe his work has achieved its goal and then some. For me it just emphasises that when God is at the centre you become what you were always meant to be and, for Steve, it is not the accountant that he is in the daytime, it is the inspirational artist that lies within.

Let me just leave you with this…’Be Bold’ – what does that mean to you? To me this automatically brings up images of courage, of stepping out and confidently standing firm in your faith. The verse that really jumps to the forefront of my mind has to be Joshua 1:9 – ‘Be strong and courageous. Don’t be fearful or discouraged, because the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.’ Steve himself has been bold and stepped out in faith letting the Holy Spirit guide him. Be bold in stepping out into the calling God has for you – hold your head high, be bold in every circumstance and remember that your confidence is in Him.

From the queues of people through to the inspirational art work this is one exhibition you don’t want to miss and one artist we all need to keep our eye on. If you haven’t already and are in London Steve’s exhibition runs to the 20th July at Quaker Street, Coffee & Bubble Tea, 10 Quaker Street, London, E1 6SZ. Alternatively you can check out his works online at

Here are a few sneak peaks from the night…enjoy!!

Stay blessed x

Introducing Steve Kalinda…this guy is the real deal!!

Looking good Steve…

Love the depth of this piece #Be #Bold!!

One of my faves – jump for joy and praise His name #Be #Bold:

This one branches out into the abstract – such an inspiring piece.