Be Bold – An Art Exhibition by Steve Kalinda

Steve Kalinda is a game changer and this is one exhibition you don’t want to miss. This man has to be one of the most humble yet talented men of God that I know. I recently had the privilege of attending his first ever art exhibition at the Quaker Street Bubble tea cafe in Shoreditch entitled ‘Be Bold’ – and it was nothing short of amazing.

Before we get into it, as with any artist, in order to truly understand their work you have to understand their influences, their motivation. I caught up with Steve to talk about his inspiration and the first thing he said to me was ‘From God’. How amazing is that!? Through prayer the words ‘Be Bold’ were and are still resonating in his mind – his work aims to inspire and I believe it does just that. In terms of artistic influences his primary influence is Jesus with secondary influences being fashion and ballet photography as well as the works of the famous Jean Michel Basquiat and his focus on neo-expressionism.

‘Be Bold’, two small words that seem to resonate so powerfully and hold so much weight behind them. For me Steve embodies the essence of what it is to ‘Be Bold’ in his works of art from the striking colours through to the strong, thoughtful, even joyful images that can be seen throughout the exhibition. Each figure portrayed wears a crown and Steve himself says that his ‘goal is to inspire everyone to be bold, in the little and the massive goals. To know that when they do that, they are kings and queens. To influence young people to be bold and pursue their dreams.’

If his aim as an artist was to make us feel bold and uplifted, I truly believe his work has achieved its goal and then some. For me it just emphasises that when God is at the centre you become what you were always meant to be and, for Steve, it is not the accountant that he is in the daytime, it is the inspirational artist that lies within.

Let me just leave you with this…’Be Bold’ – what does that mean to you? To me this automatically brings up images of courage, of stepping out and confidently standing firm in your faith. The verse that really jumps to the forefront of my mind has to be Joshua 1:9 – ‘Be strong and courageous. Don’t be fearful or discouraged, because the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.’ Steve himself has been bold and stepped out in faith letting the Holy Spirit guide him. Be bold in stepping out into the calling God has for you – hold your head high, be bold in every circumstance and remember that your confidence is in Him.

From the queues of people through to the inspirational art work this is one exhibition you don’t want to miss and one artist we all need to keep our eye on. If you haven’t already and are in London Steve’s exhibition runs to the 20th July at Quaker Street, Coffee & Bubble Tea, 10 Quaker Street, London, E1 6SZ. Alternatively you can check out his works online at

Here are a few sneak peaks from the night…enjoy!!

Stay blessed x

Introducing Steve Kalinda…this guy is the real deal!!

Looking good Steve…

Love the depth of this piece #Be #Bold!!

One of my faves – jump for joy and praise His name #Be #Bold:

This one branches out into the abstract – such an inspiring piece.




Summer on the Underground: Survival

Now you might be thinking…survival is a strong word and you’d be right, but in those summer months it is a battle to navigate that maze, the London Underground! We’ve all been there five more stops to go, sweltering heat wishing we’d never stepped foot on that escalator.

Don’t panic, help is at hand – here are three easy ways to survive the summer Underground:

  • Take off that jacket – you’re leaving work, rushing to get home in 20 plus degrees heat then suddenly you’re through the gates on the escalator and jumping onto the tube just before it leaves the station (great timing you think). But…then you realise your error, the jacket is still on – the bead of sweat has already started moving down your black, grimacing you realise…that jackets here to stay!! Wipe away that grimace…the solution is here and its very simple…take the jacket off when you leave the office, that shop, that cafe.
  • Bring a bottle of water – simple but effective! Uses:
    • Face/forehead cooler – admittedly needs to be done early on in the journey before your water has effectively boiled but still handy!
    • Face wash – a quick splash on the neck and face works wonders!!
    • Refreshment – last but certainly not least the most common use for the water bottle – rehydrate to dehydrate!!
  • Avoid it – throw caution to the wind be the pioneer who steps out into the unknown. Enjoy all that London has to offer, beautiful sites like Somerset House await you should you chose the path less travelled or The Mall when walking from Victoria to Trafalgar Square. Such history such magnificence!

Final thought: If you get lost on your wonderings, well…whatever happened to your sense of adventure!? You never know you might find that hidden gem you’ve been looking for.

Never forget…London is beautiful in the summer.

Would love to have your comments and experiences of the London underground and summer living.


Strong Foundations

We’re finally here…the foundations have been built, strong and healthy – now it’s time to let this take root and bear fruit in His name. These are the thoughts we all should have when embarking on a new venture, on that next project or when starting that new relationship.

Lets face it lads, almost all of us at one time or another has counted ourselves as some sort of ‘DIY guru’ with power drill in hand and hammer at the ready…soon after accepting this project you realise you don’t have a clue but your pride kicks in and bam its the catch 22 of blundering on or admitting you need ‘the man’ to help you out!! You all know what I’m talking about – ladies we all know you can relate. You didn’t have that foundation of knowledge to complete the task, you allowed pride to prevent your learning!

The same applies when it comes to your faith and growing with our Father – you need that strong, healthy foundation based on prayer and relational growth with the Holy Spirit who lives in each and everyone of us. I really want to encourage you to pray everyday, to open your bible and meditate on His Word. From that foundation there is nothing you cannot achieve, in your work, in your relationships, in your life.

Luke 6:48 says this: He is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock. And when a flood arose, the stream broke against that house and could not shake it, because it had been well built.

REMEMBER, You are a Man of God, You are unique, You speak with the greatest authority in the universe with access to the throne room of Heaven. With Jesus as your foundation and His Word in your hand there is nothing you cannot do. Build your foundation on the rock that is Jesus.

P.s. I’d love to hear from you if you have any thoughts or comments!