France bans ultra thin models

Has history been made!? Realistic models…10/15 years ago you would have been laughed out the room but here we are, 2017 and the French are making a stand!!

The French – always known for their pioneering fashionista ways have stepped up and made the change we’ve all been praying for. They have made it illegal to model if you are unhealthily thin – making it compulsory for all models to be a certain BMI (Body Mass Index). Ladies lets hope that this turns the tide in the battle against anorexia in teenagers and young adults.

Lets kick unrealistic body standards to the curb and teach our young girls and women that it’s okay to be who are, in fact, you are the best version of you regardless of your shape, size or looks no one can be a better you. You are one of a┬ákind, fearfully and wonderfully made.

Way to go France!

Mel x

Source: CNN/Feminist Info