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Amos: The not so minor Prophet

Recently, I’ve decided to start reading some of the smaller books in the bible, Starting with Hosea and working my way to Malachi. I am now on Amos and what a book it truly is, a book of powerful imagery and Gods mercy for His people.

The book is a completion of prophesies given to Amos by God. These prophesies are quite different from that of the other Prophets, as God uses him to speak to a select group in Israel. This group consists of the privileged and those practising injustice regarding oppression of the poor and disadvantaged of society for their capital gain. They were a people with no moral fabric, full of pride, arrogance and greed. Israel had turned their hearts from God and His laws. Their eyes were no longer fixed on the one who delivered their ancestors out of Egypt and had delivered them from the hand of their enemies but instead wickedness had run rapid and they were turning on their own people.

This is when God brings in a humble Shepherd from a small town outside of Jerusalem, as we see so many times throughout the bible this humble Shepherd is emboldened and strengthened by the Spirit of God. His courage and boldness to preach and proclaim the word of the Lord regardless of society norms is inspiring and God uses him mightily.

Amos declares Gods judgement on Israels neighbours and on Israel itself for not returning to Him. Amos speaks about the day of the Lord and the great wrecking for the unrepentant and complacent. Even with all the evil and the Israelite’s hardened hearts, God still declares Israel’s restoration. He speaks about the great rebuilding of its cities and finally giving them a land that will never be uprooted.

The book of Amos is fascinating and gives insight into the very heart of God. It shows us the things that truly break the heart of God while giving caution to all of us regarding how we should live and our responsibility to the disadvantaged in society.

Though 75 percent of the book is Gods judgement on His people it ends with their restoration and shows us that if we are willing to come back to our God, no matter how far we have gone, He will never turn us away. He is always seeking after the heart of the lost, He’s waiting for you to welcome Him in.

Today is the day, don’t wait any longer, Jesus is calling. Come Home.

A Cheerful Heart

Chuck Swindoll once said, ‘Laughter is the most beautiful and beneficial therapy God ever granted humanity’.  It is the sound of bursting joy from within. It is contagious and can be exhilaratingly relentless. Those words that Chuck spoke have never been truer – it was created by God to kill your pain in the midst of trials. It gives health and refreshes your very soul, it punctures even the most hardened of hearts and creates bliss in the hour of darkness. Be encouraged today, and laugh in the face of trouble because your Father in heaven has it sorted. Proverbs 17:22 says “A cheerful heart is good medicine”. And to that I say Amen!


You are the Light of the World

Jesus spoke about being the Light of the World – not only does He describe Himself as the Light but in Matthew 4:14 His Word goes further and describes us as ‘the light of the world’. It is this verse that I really want to talk to you about, one that I have felt on my heart so strongly in recent weeks.

I have been pondering what it means to be this light and the responsibility that comes with such a command. It reminds me of why we are here like the moon that brings light even in the darkest of nights so are we to bring light even to the darkest places on the earth.

I feel encouraged when I think of the precious Holy Spirit who is the seal of redemption within us and source of our light. We are fully equipped because we have Him as living proof inside of us.

As you walk throughout your day remember we do not live this life for ourselves anymore as the old you is dead. Put on Christ and let the new you shine so bright that the glory of God is felt even in the darkest moments and in the darkest places on earth. Be empowered, be encouraged, you are Children of God and now is the time for you to Shine – to be the Light that God calls you to be.

Stay blessed.

Mel x

It Is well with my soul

The time I cherish the most is in the morning in bed, with a cup of tea and my bible.

I find the more time I spend with the Lord the closer and more intimate our relationship becomes. He not only knows me but I dive into the very heart of God and my desires begin to line up with His will.

I’d like to encourage you to spend time with Him daily, as this will change your relationship immensely. You will not only see change in the way you live but your soul will be forever transformed.

Mel x

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him. Psalm 65:5

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. 1 Chronicles 16:11