You are the Light of the World

Jesus spoke about being the Light of the World – not only does He describe Himself as the Light but in Matthew 4:14 His Word goes further and describes us as ‘the light of the world’. It is this verse that I really want to talk to you about, one that I have felt on my heart so strongly in recent weeks.

I have been pondering what it means to be this light and the responsibility that comes with such a command. It reminds me of why we are here like the moon that brings light even in the darkest of nights so are we to bring light even to the darkest places on the earth.

I feel encouraged when I think of the precious Holy Spirit who is the seal of redemption within us and source of our light. We are fully equipped because we have Him as living proof inside of us.

As you walk throughout your day remember we do not live this life for ourselves anymore as the old you is dead. Put on Christ and let the new you shine so bright that the glory of God is felt even in the darkest moments and in the darkest places on earth. Be empowered, be encouraged, you are Children of God and now is the time for you to Shine – to be the Light that God calls you to be.

Stay blessed.

Mel x