Skin Creams that DO work!

For the last few years I’ve been frantically trying to find the best creams for my face, feet and body.

I have tried tons of different products ranging from high end to lower end products. Its hard to find a cream that works right girls?

Here are some of my absolute favourites. These products actually work!

left to right

Jo Malone – Peony & Blush Suede: It has a light and delicate texture. It smells like heaven in a jar.

The Body Shop – Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion: This stuff is gold if you have very oily skin. It does wonders! If you have dry skin I would not recommend this product to you as it literally takes away any oil you have left on your face.

The Body Shop – Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser – This is great if your skin is feeling dull it literally gives you a gorgeous glow that lasts all day and it doesn’t hurt that the vitamin C also combats wrinkles. 😉

right to left

Jo Malone – Velvet Rose & Oud: This is probably my favourite cream by JM. The smell is out of this world! Unlike JM’s Peony & Blush it’s a heavier sent so I would recommend it during the Autumn/Winter months.

Estee Lauder – DayWear Cream: Perfect for the summer months when you want something light and non greasy on your skin. I absolutely love this product and its perfect for oily skin.

The Body Shop – Hemp Foot Protector: I’m not kidding you when I say this is magic in a jar. I have the driest feet on the face of the earth, the Sahara dessert has more moisture then my feet and i’m not kidding. This cream changed my life its a MUST TRY!

If you try these let me know your thoughts!

Mel x